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Transportation Final 10-15-11 -   3.2 - Average Time to Clear Major Incidents

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Transportation Final 10-15-11
1. Safety
2. Preservation
3. Mobility
4. Ferries
5. Stewardship
Action Plan

3.2 - Average Time to Clear Major Incidents - WSP, WSDOT
What is being done to reduce clearance time for major incidents?

Data Notes
Data Source: Washington State Patrol and WSDOT Traffic Office, as of June 20, 2011.

Measure Definition:

Reduce the average duration of 90-minute-and-longer blocking incidents on 9 key highways in .  In 2008, the agencies created a goal of 155 minutes. 

Target Rationale:

WSP and WSDOT are working collaboratively towards reducing the average over-90 minute response time to 155 minutes for nine key corridors in western .

Link to Agency Strategic Plan: WSP Priority 1.2; WSDOT Strategy 3.3: Reduce the amount of time necessary to clear major incidents.
Notes: (optional) Key Highway Segments: I 5 (Oregon to Canadian border), I 90 to North Bend, I 405, SR 18 to I 90, SR 16 to Purdy, SR 167, SR 520, SR 512, and I 205
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Action Plan: Yes
Extended Analysis: No

 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

Analysis of Performance: Q2 2011

During the second quarter of 2011, 72 over-90-minute incidents occurred on the nine key routes producing an average duration of 165 minutes for the quarter. This duration is up six minutes from the last quarter's average clearance time of 159 minutes.

There were three extraordinary (6+ hour) incidents in the second quarter of 2011.

  • On I-5 in Whatcom County (MP 251): A passenger car cut off a semi resulting in a collision that sent the car into the median barrier and the truck rolling over in the median, destroying the trailer and spilling its load of apples into the median. A labor crew removed the apples to reduce the weight of the trailer so it could be righted and towed, a process that required tow trucks. The semi also leaked fluids so WSDOT and WSP worked with Department of Ecology (DOE) to prevent further contamination. A total closure was required during the recovery process. This incident lasted over 7 hours (469 minutes).
  • On I-5 in Whatcom County (MP 265): A Semi driver reported that his brakes ‘locked up’ which resulted in him losing control and the rig rolling over and losing its load of watermelons. A rental company brought in fork-lifts and a labor force to unload and re-pack the watermelons.  A dump truck was then called in to remove the rest of the watermelons and other debris, so the truck and trailer could be righted and removed. The road was re-opend for 4 hours during this incident when it was determined that the remaining debris could be removed at a later time. This incident lasted over 6 hours (405 minutes).
  • On SR 167 in Pierce County (MP 0.8): A semi, loaded with 40,000 lbs of paper roll, collided with a Jeep and the guardrail before leaving the roadway. The collision caused a diesel fuel leak that required the fuel be removed from the truck’s saddle tanks. DOE was advised and contractor NRC Environmental Services personnel responded to the scene to finish removing the hazardous material. The semi and trailer were then righted and towed. This incident lasted over 10 hours (637 minutes).

Without factoring in these incidents, the average clearance time would have been 146 minutes. To date, the annual average clearance time for 2011 is 162 minutes, missing the 155 minute goal by 7 minutes.

Law Enforcement Statewide Electronic Collision & Ticket Online Records (SECTOR)