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Transportation Final 10-15-11 -   2. Preservation

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Transportation Final 10-15-11
1. Safety
2. Preservation
3. Mobility
4. Ferries
5. Stewardship
Action Plan
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2.1 - Percent of state highway pavement in fair or better condition90%93%WSDOTWSDOT maintains over 18,500 lane miles of state highway pavements. According to the 2009 pavement condition survey, over 93% of all pavements were rated as good or fair compared to 94% in 2008. 2009 data was updated March 2011.
2.2 - Percent of state bridges in fair or better condition97%95%WSDOTIn Fiscal Year 2011, 95% of WSDOT’s bridges were in good or fair condition. The majority of bridges are in good condition (86%), 9% are in the fair. WSDOT manages over 3,039 vehicular bridge structures over 20 feet in length. Data as of June 2011.
2.3 - Percent of targets met for state highway maintenance levels 65%WSDOTDuring 2010, 20 of 31 (65%) of the Maintenance Accountability Process (MAP) activity targets were achieved. Thirteen activities achieved a slightly higher score than last year, eight were slightly lower, and 10 remained the same.