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Transportation Final 10-15-11 -   1.1.b - Run Off The Road Fatalities and Serious Injuries

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Transportation Final 10-15-11
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1.1.b - Number of Traffic Fatalities and Serious Injuries Involving Run Off The Road
What is being done to reduce fatalities and serious injuries involving run off the road?

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Same data source as main measure 1.1 - Fatalities on All Washington roads
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 Summary Analysis

Enforcement: Run off the Road collision data is difficult to obtain because there are a combination of causal factors including speed and DUI.  WSP uses POPS philosophy to identify problem areas and works in partnership with WSDOT to address engineering concerns.


43% of all fatalities (1149) in our state between 2006 and 2010 involved a run-off-the-road collision.  82% (942) of those fatalities involved impaired driving, speeding, or both.

Run-off-the-road collisions are nearly three times as likely to involve a fatality as a non-run-off-the-road collision, and half again as likely to result in a serious injury.

While our partners work hard to address behavioral issues such as speeding and impairment, not all drivers can be intercepted prior to a serious behavior-related collision.

Barriers and rumble strips represent our last possible opportunity to intervene in a collision and potentially save someone’s life, or prevent a serious injury.

Centerline Cross-over statistics

  • As of July 2011, WSDOT has installed 2,205 miles of centerline rumble strips on two-lane highways, with an additional 325 miles under current contracts for installation. When these contracts are complete, WSDOT will have covered approximately one-half of all miles of the two lane highway system that were initially identified as candidates for this safety feature.
  • Before and After analysis on 493 miles of two-lane highway from 2002 – 2009, exhibited a reduction (in targeted crashes) of 44.5% for all severity crashes and 48.6% for fatal and serious crashes.
    • An overall reduction of run-off-the-road to the right collision types by 6.8% for all severities and 19.5% for fatal and serious collisions.
    • An overall reduction of lane departure collision types by 24.8% for all severities and 37.7% for fatal and serious collisions.
  • Before and After analysis on centerline rumble strips for SR 97 corridor resulted in a reduction of 40% in all severity collisions, and 28% reduction in fatal and serious injury collisions.