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Transportation Final 10-15-11 -   1.1.c - Speed Related Fatalities and Serious Injuries

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Transportation Final 10-15-11
1. Safety
2. Preservation
3. Mobility
4. Ferries
5. Stewardship
Action Plan

1.1.c – Number of Traffic Fatalities and Serious Injuries Involving Speed
What is being done to reduce fatalities and serious injuries involving speed?

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Data Notes

Data Source:

Fatality data in FARS as of 07/15/2011.
Notes: (optional) A speeding-involved fatality is a traffic death resulting from a crash involving one or more motor vehicle drivers either exceeding the stated speed limit or exceeding a speed that is reasonable and safe for conditions.
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 Summary Analysis


  • In 2010, speed-related fatalities declined by 16.3% from 2009 (from 209 to 175, as of 07/15/2011).
  • Speed enforcement was down 4% from 2009; however, field force strength was down 3% on an average.  (For example, in December 2010 field force had 10% fewer troopers.)
  • In 2010, WSP has made 422,395 speed related contacts.
  • In 2010, WSP has made 265,052 speed arrests.