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Transportation Final 12-10-08 -   DOT Human Resources

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WSDOT Human Resources

Agency October 2008 Human Resource Management Report (click title to view report)

 HR Management Report

Expand/Collapse HR : 1. Plan & Align Workforce ‎(9)
Percent managers with current performance expectations for workforce management99%96%
Management profile:
     Percent workforce that is coded as "Manager"8.8%10.9%
     Percent workforce that is WMS7.5%11.1%
     Percent WMS that is:
Percent employees with current position/competency  descriptions89.7%96%
Expand/Collapse HR : 2. Hire Workforce ‎(11)
Days to fill job vacancies58.3 days61.2 days
Candidate quality ratings
Hiring balance (% types of appointments):
     New hires42%40%
Percent separation during post-hire review period781 (approx 7% of new hire/promo appointments)73 (approx 5.8% of new hire/promo appointments)
     Percent candidates interviewed who were found to have the competencies needed to perform the job60.9%
     Percent hiring managers indicating “yes” they were able to hire the best candidate for the job97%
Expand/Collapse HR : 3. Deploy Workforce ‎(11)
Percent employees with current performance expectations77.1%96%
Employee survey "productive workforce" ratings (on a scale of 1 to 5)3.833.9
Overtime usage:
     Average overtime hours (per capita, per month)3.1 hrs5.24 hrs
     Average percent employees receiving overtime (per capita, per month)17.6%28.3%
Sick leave usage:
     Average sick leave use (per capita, per month)6.3 hrs6.3 hrs
     Average sick leave for those who used sick leave (per capita, per month)11.8 hrs11.4 hrs
Number of non-disciplinary grievances filed5019
Number of non-disciplinary appeals filed1911
Number of workers compensation claims per 100 FTEs7.74.6
Expand/Collapse HR : 4. Develop Workforce ‎(2)
Percent employees with current individual training plans76.9%96%
Employee survey "training & development" ratings (on a scale of 1 to 5)3.73.7
Expand/Collapse HR : 5. Reinforce Performance ‎(5)
Percent employees with current performance evaluations78.6%95%
Employee survey "performance & accountability" ratings (on a scale of 1 to 5)3.783.7
Number of formal disciplinary actions taken17445
Number of disciplinary grievances filed20418
Number of disciplinary appeals filed192
Expand/Collapse HR : 6. Ultimate Outcomes ‎(10)
Employee survey "Employee Commitment" ratings (on a scale of 1 to 5)3.673.7
Statewide turnover percentages (leaving state service)7.9%6.3%
Diversity Profile:
     Vietnam Vet6%6%
     Disabled Vet2%1%
     Person of color18%11%
     Persons over 4075%75%
Employee survey rating on “Support for a diverse workforce”4.1

 HR Measures