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Transportation Final 4-15-09 -   3.1 Before and After Results From Mobility Projects

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Transportation Final 4-15-09
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3.1 Before and After Results From Mobility Projects

What are the before and after results for completed 2003 and 2005 gas tax mobility projects?

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Data Source: WSDOT Traffic Office
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Volume information is based on traffic counts and speed information is based on modeled data. These 21 projects are those completed congestion relief projects with the necessary data to support a Before and After analysis as of 6/30/08. WSDOT received funding to purchase additional equipment to perform a greater number of and more precise Before and After studies in the future, and has been actively collecting data this summer.
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 Summary Analysis

In April 2008, Governor Gregoire challenged WSDOT to broaden its reporting of 2003 and 2005 gas tax project outcomes important to Washington citizens; specifically, measuring the results from the driver’s perspective for each completed project.  WSDOT has undertaken an initial assessment of 21 of these congestion relief projects, and continues to report safety results:

  • Twenty-one completed 2003 and 2005 gas tax projects statewide save more than 6,400 hours of travel a day–a 10% improvement.
  • Graph: Performance of 21 projects
  • These improvements in travel time translate into nearly $60 million a year in economic benefits to commuters and businesses.

In addition, an evaluation of forty-nine traffic safety projects completed between October 2003 and September 2005 found that these projects reduced all types of collisions by 6% and injury/fatal collisions by 14% along identified high risk locations.