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Transportation Final 4-15-09 -   3.2 Average Time to Clear Major Incidents

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Transportation Final 4-15-09
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3.2 - Average Time to Clear Major Incidents - WSP, WSDOT, WTSC

How can we improve on the efficiency and timeliness of clearance in over 90 minutes road closures?

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Data Notes
Data Source: Washington State Patrol and WSDOT Traffic Office, as of November 2008.
Measure Definition:
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: WSP Priority 1.2
Notes: (optional) Key Highway Segments: I 5 (Oregon to Canadian border), I 90 to North Bend, I 405, SR 18 to I 90, SR 16 to Purdy, SR 167, SR 520, SR 512, and I 205
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 Summary Analysis

  • The general trend of the average duration of over-90-minute incidents quarter to quarter since Quarter 3, 2005 has been decreasing at a rate of 2 minutes per quarter.
  • We found no statistically significant difference between the average duration of over-90-minute incidents comparing 2007 to 2008.  Additionally, it seems that in the annualized average, 2006 is skewing numbers a bit.  As we gather more quarters of data our trend should become more constant.
  • The number of over-90-minute incidents, however, did decrease in 2008.  The question remains whether or not some of those incidents that previously would have been an over-90-minute incident are now under 90 (did one of our strategies work and shift the ones that were close to 90 in the past under the 90 minute mark?).

Key Action Items