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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 01-15-10 -   1.3 - Repeat Maltreatment

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 01-15-10
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
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6. Economic Recovery
1.3 - Repeat Maltreatment
Are we keeping children safe from repeated maltreatment?
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Data Notes

Data Source: FamLink; Run date 12/01/09
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Because the data source for this report uses FamLink data only, this chart cannot be compared to previous GMAP reports which contained CAMIS data.

CPS Response Time Policy Implementation: Emergent within 24 hours: 4/29/05, Non-emergent within 72 hours: 8/8/05

Because workers have had 90 days* to complete their investigations and enter findings into CAMIS, six-month rates for the latest entry cohort period that can be accurately determined by the end of November 2009 are for initial referrals received through Dec 2008 (allowing for a period of six months for re-victimization plus 90 days for investigation and data entry).  Likewise, 12- and 24-month rates are accurately known up to the Jan-Jun 2008 and Jan-Jun 2007 cohorts, respectively. 

* Policy requiring investigation completion within 45 days implemented Jan07.

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 Summary Analysis

  • Children have become significantly less likely to experience repeat maltreatment since 2005, due in substantial part to quicker responses to victims in CPS referrals.
  • A re-analysis of maltreatment recurrence, reported in November 2009, continues to confirm that victims of abuse and neglect are less likely to be re-abused thanks to improved response times for CPS referrals along with other practice changes enacted by the Children’s Administration.
  • While some of the improvement in recurrence rates is due to additional factors beyond the impact of CPS response times, this cannot be evaluated with currently available data.  


See Also: FAMLINK 6, 12, and 24-Month Revictimization Rates.docx