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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11 -   1. Child Safety

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
Action Plan
1.0 - Child Safety
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 1. Child Safety

1.1 - Caseload by Major Program Area18 (under revision)17.5DSHSDSHS continues to refine this measure to more accurately report caseload ratios by program area. The department will be developing separate targets for each program area. Data are for December 2010.
1.2 - Initial Response97%98%DSHSDSHS is meeting the combined target for timely face-to-face visits (or attempted visits) with alleged victims in child protection referrals. The average for November 2010 was 99.5% for emergent and 97% for non-emergent responses.
1.3 - Repeat MaltreatmentLess Than 12.9% Within 6 Months6.7% DSHSData shows significantly fewer children have experienced repeat maltreatment since the Governor mandated quicker response times to reports of child abuse and neglect in 2005. The estimated rate for Jan-June 2010 is 6.7%; the lowest since 2008.
1.4 - Monthly Visits95%94%DSHSThe percent of children receiving monthly visits from a social worker fell just under target for the quarter ending November 2010. Increasing numbers of children needing visits and temporary staff layoffs may be impacting recent performance.