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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11 -   1.3 - Repeat Maltreatment

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
Action Plan
1.3 - Repeat Maltreatment
Are we keeping children safe from repeated maltreatment?
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Data Notes

Data Source: FamLink; data extracted 1/15/11

Measure Definition:

The percentage of children with a founded CPS intake within a 6-month period, who have another founded CPS intake within 6 months of the initial referral; excludes DLR/licensing intakes.



All cohorts were recalculated Oct 2010, after a FamLink data cleanup effort to remove duplicate records (including historical, converted CAMIS data); values differ slightly from those reported earlier.  Estimate is extrapolated based on survival analysis.

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Action Plan: Yes
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

The Jan-Jun 2010 (entry cohort) repeat maltreatment rate is estimated to have declined to 6.7%.  This represents 224 children out of 3,342, a decline from 435 out of 3,537 since quicker response time standards and other practice changes were implemented beginning in 2005. 

We continue to monitor this data as a key indicator of the success of the child protection system.  

The DSHS Children’s Administration is enhancing practice and business processes to help increase child safety.  Improvements include consulting with the National Resource Center for Child Protective Services to help strengthen assessment of child safety and safety plan development and monitoring, and to stay current with best practice to keep children safe.

See Also: FamLink 6,12, and 24 Month Revictimization Rates