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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11 -   1.3.a - Repeat Maltreatment by Region

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
Action Plan
1.3.a - Repeat Maltreatment by Region
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 Summary Analysis

The small number of children re-victimized each quarter subjects the regional data to considerable variation from cohort to cohort.  For the Jan-Jun 2010 cohort (estimated):  

  • Regions 2 and 6 rates are lowest at 4.9% and 4.8%, representing 26 and 27 children respectively.
  • Region 4 at 7.2% represents 36 children; its rate declined from 11.1% for the previous cohort.
  • Region 1 at 7.3% represents 40 children.
  • Region 3 at 7.4% represents 43 children.
  • Region 5 at 8.1% represents 51 children.

Legislative changes may have impacted the rates of “founded” abuse.  More intakes have been found “unsubstantiated” since October 2008 when Washington eliminated the “inconclusive” finding.  In addition, a new “Risk Only” intake type was created, which does not require findings because there are no identified victims.  The agency continues to work with staff to narrow the use of “Risk Only” and that may result in additional fluctuations in this data.

The implementation of the Solution Based Casework practice model and the emphasis on supervisory oversight should help improve the rates of repeat child maltreatment.

Data Source: FamLink; Data extracted 1/15/11.