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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11 -   3.3 - WSH & ESH Evaluations: Inpatient

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 02-15-11
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
Action Plan

3.3 - Evaluations: Inpatient
Are we reducing the number of adults waiting in jail more than 7 days for inpatient competency evaluations?


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Data Notes

Data Source:

Data are current as of September 2010, based on weekly reports from the state hospitals.
Measure Definition: Average number of adults waiting in jail more than 7 days for inpatient competency evaluation during the reporting period.
Target Rationale: Improve the quality of mental health services.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Health and Recovery Services Administration, Strategic Plan 2009-2013.
Relevance: Individuals with mental illness in jails will receive timely access to forensic inpatient competency evaluations when such evaluations are required.

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Chart is based on a weekly snapshot of the number of individuals waiting in jail longer than 7 days for an inpatient forensic evaluation.


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 Summary Analysis

  • The target is to have no one waiting in jail for an inpatient competency evaluation longer than 7 days.
  • Western State Hospital (WSH) has experienced a positive trend over the past 1½ years, although there has been a steady incline over the most recent two quarters. In FQ 2011/1, WSH had an average of 2.90 persons waiting more than 7 days, a significant increase as compared to the average noted in FQ 2010/4 (1.18), and the highest seen in 2 years.
  • The counts at Eastern State Hospital (ESH) are of continuing concern, although in FQ 2011/1 ESH had an average of 2.44 persons waiting more than 7 days, its lowest rate seen in the past 2 years.