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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 08-17-10 -   1.3 - Repeat Maltreatment

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 08-17-10
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
5. Veterans Services
Action Plan
1.3 - Repeat Maltreatment
Are we keeping children safe from repeated maltreatment?
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Data Notes

Data Source: FamLink; Run date 06/09/10
Measure Definition: The percentage of children with a founded CPS referral within a 6-month period (excluding DLR/licensing referrals), who have another founded CPS referral within 6 months of the initial referral.

Notes: (optional) 


Because the data source for this report uses FamLink data only, this chart cannot be compared to previous GMAP reports which contained CAMIS data.

Estimate is extrapolated based on survival analysis.

CPS Response Time Policy Implementation: Emergent within 24 hours: 4/29/05, Non-emergent within 72 hours: 8/8/05

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Action Plan: Yes
Extended Analysis: No

 Summary Analysis

The Jan-June 2009 data shows a slight rise to 8.0% in repeat maltreatment, which may be due to normal variation or fluctuations in the data.  A look forward to the Jul-Dec 2009 cohort suggests the rate is declining to about 7.5% (estimated because not enough time has passed for an accurate calculation).

The rate of repeat child abuse and neglect has been declining since 2005.  This is due to social workers responding more quickly when children are identified as victims in abuse referrals, along with other practice changes.

DSHS is enhancing practice and business processes to help increase child safety.  Managers are consulting with the National Resource Center for Child Protective Services to strengthen assessment of child safety and safety plan development and monitoring, and stay current with best practice to keep children safe.

See Also: FamLink 6,12, and 24 Month Revictimization Rates .docx