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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 08-17-10 -   5.1.c - Permanent Housing Beds

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 08-17-10
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
5. Veterans Services
Action Plan

5.1.c - Permanent Housing Beds

How can we increase the number of permanent housing beds available for homeless veterans?

Progress icon Operation in progress...
Data Notes
Data Source:3/10/10
Measure Definition: Number of veteran specific permanent housing beds.
Target Rationale: Estimate
Also Available
Action Plan: yes
Extended Analysis: yes

 Summary Analysis


Partnerships are being formed with Tacoma Housing Authority on having a "Veteran Preference" to make it easier for veterans to obtain housing in the Tacoma area. See Extended analysis and action plan.

Project with 1416/1419 Apartments in Tacoma to implement practices to make it easier for veterans to obtain housing. See extended analysis and action plan.

Veteran Pet Preference, working with agencies to provide companion animals, to increase veterans odds of being successful in housing placement. See extended analysis and action plan.


Barriers exist for veterans needing permanent housing:

  • Lack of a deposit, limited low cost housing available, and past financial difficulties often prevent veterans from obtaining permanent housing
  • Bad rental histories and poor credit make it difficult to obtain housing
  • Many veterans need credit counseling, life skills classes and anger management classes to be successfully housed
  • Many veterans need housing close to public transportation due to the inability to drive
  • Housing for veterans need to be in proximity to a VA hospital for ongoing health issues and treatment programs which limit available housing