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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 10-15-09 -   1.1 - Average Caseload Statewide

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 10-15-09
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
5. Veterans Services
1.1 - Average Caseload Statewide 
What is the average active caseload for all social workers?
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Data Notes

Data Source:

FamLink run date 9-8-09
Measure Definition:
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan:
Notes: (optional) Includes CPS, CFWS, VS and FRS cases and staff. Excludes DLR-CPS and cases with no activity for 180 days. COA refers to the Council on Accreditation.
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Extended Analysis: Yes

 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

  • The ratio of active cases to active social worker positions has steadily declined from about 1:40 in FY97 to 1:18 in FY09
  • The average active caseload for all social workers was 1:14 in July 2009, based on information from the new FamLink system.
  • CAMIS and FamLink caseloads should not be compared.  FamLink caseload ratio calculations differ from the traditional CAMIS caseload ratios.
    • The CAMIS ratio was based on counts of staff who were paid during a month period compared to active worker assignments open during a month period.
    • The FamLink ratio is based on counts of all workers with at least one primary case assignment and worker assignments on the first day of the month.
  • FamLink cases and assignments are being reviewed and assessed for accurary. A plan will be developed to correct duplication and other issues found after the assessment is complete.