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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 10-15-09 -   3.1 - Assaults in State Hospitals

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 10-15-09
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Aging & Disability
5. Veterans Services
3.1 - Assaults
Are we lowering the number of employee assault claims filed in state hospitals? 
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Data Notes
Data Source: Data current as of March 2009 with a mininum claims lag of 3 months.  Includes PALS.  L&I Claims Filed Report from Risk Management, DSHS. 
Measure Definition: Number of assault claims filed divided by the patient days for the quarter and multiplied by 1,000.
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Health and Recovery Services Administration, Strategic Plan 2009-2013.
Relevance: Increase workplace safety through effective programs.

Notes: (optional)

The measure calculates the rate of assaults at the facility per 1,000 patient bed days during the reporting period.
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Action Plan: Yes
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

  • While the assault claims filed rate of .66 per 1,000 for most current reporting quarter was slightly above the target (.06 above the target), the rate of .5 in Quarter 2, SFY 2009 was the lowest since SFY 2005.
  • There has been a decreasing trend of assault claims filed for ESH and WSH, while CSTC shows more variations.
  • The overall rate (median) has been around .7 assault claims filed per 1,000 across all hospitals.  The median rates range from .5 for ESH, .7 for WSH, and 1.0 for CSTC.
  • The graph presents the "assault claims filed per 1,000 patient days" measure for all hospitals (ESH, WSH, and CSTC) for the past 19 quarters since July 2005.