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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 7-23-08 -   Six Month by Region

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 7-23-08
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Long Term Care
5. Veterans Services
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Enterprise Measures
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We are keeping children safer from repeatĀ  maltreatment by seeing them sooner
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Policy Note: CPS Response Time Policy Implementation: Emergent within 24 hours: 4/29/05, Non-emergent within 72 hours: 8/8/05

Because workers have had 90 days* to complete their investigations and enter findings into CAMIS, six-month rates for the latest entry cohort period that can be accurately determined by the end of August 2007 are for initial referrals received through June 2006 (allowing for a period of six months for re-victimization plus 90 days for investigation and data entry). 

 * Policy requiring investigation completion within 45 days implemented Jan07.

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