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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 7-23-08 -   4. Long Term Care

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 7-23-08
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Long Term Care
5. Veterans Services
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Enterprise Measures
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 4. Long Term Care

4.1 Adult Protective Services: Number of Investigations Open Over 90 Days 1033 DSHSThe total number of complaints has had a slow, steady increase over the past three years, from 3,300 in 1st quarter 2005 to 3,800 in 1st quarter 2008. The number of cases open over 90 days was at about 1,000 in each quarter over the past year.
4.2 Developmental Disability: Percent of Individual and Family Services Annual Assessments Completed100%62%DSHSCurrent staffing levels are adequate to complete only 55% to 60% of the approximately 1,500 assessments each year.
4.3 Developmental Disability: Number of Medicaid Personal Care Annual Assessments Completed6737 6566 DSHSBased on the June 2008 caseload, fewer assessments were completed than would be needed to meet the federal requirements to assess all MPC clients annually.
4.4 Developmental Disability: Percent of Medicaid Waiver Program Annual Assessments Completed100%97%DSHSPerformance has dropped from 100% complete in FY07.