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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 7-23-08 -   3.1 - Assaults

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Vulnerable Children & Adults Final 7-23-08
1. Child Safety
2. Child Care Licensing
3. Mental Health
4. Long Term Care
5. Veterans Services
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Enterprise Measures
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3.1 - Goal # 1:  Increase safety in the state hospitals by lowering the number of staff paid for assault claims 
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DataSource: L&I Claims Paid Report from Risk Management
Comments: The measure calculates the rate of assaults at the facility per 1,000 patient bed days during the reporting period.

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1)  The rate of paid assault claims at Western State Hospital has steadily declined (-48%)  since FY 05 and is attributed to the re-establishment of the Return To Work program and implementation of the Workplace Safety Plan.

2)   Eastern State Hospital paid assault claims rate remains on target and has been below maximum target for 12 of the last 14 quarters.

3)  Child Study Treatment Center (CSTC) paid assault claims rate is on target for the quarter. The rolling average over the last 4 quarters at CSTC remains below target and is 16% below the FY 05 average.

(For extended analysis and action plans, see individual facility pages.)