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Recovery Act 10-15-09 -   6.1 - Recovery Transportation

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Recovery Act 10-15-09
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6.1 - Recovery Transportation

What is WSDOT's performance in delivering ARRA-funded projects?

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Data Source: Data as of 09-14-09
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 Summary Analysis

Federal transportation funding received by:

  • $492 million for state and local highway projects
  • $179 million for public transit projects

Additional funding could be available:

  • $60 million in National Ferry Transportation System Grants
  • $1.5 billion in Supplemental Discretionary Grants for highway major projects
  • $8 billion in funding from the Federal Railroad Administration

In prioritizing state projects for funding, WSDOT emphasized:

  • Advancing projects and jobs that would have otherwise been delayed due to funding shortfalls;
  • Advancing projects and jobs that would address high priority highway preservation needs
  • Projects that can be completed within 3 years
  • Projects to assist communities most impacted by the recession

ARRA Accountability:

  • Two Monthly FHWA Reports For Projects  


 a. Jobs

 b. Project Status               

  • Monthly Report to House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Weekly reports to the Governor and quarterly updates through Government Management Accountability & Performance (GMAP) Report and Session
  • Periodic updates to state legislature on progress in delivering projects and spending funds
  • Office of Management and Budget - New quarterly job reporting requirement as of June 22